Pineal gland cyst symptoms

  • Loss of consciousness
  • Dizziness
  • Attacks of fear, insecurity and loss of balance (in the elevator, while driving in a tunnel, on the highway, while walking)
  • Strange headaches, tingling and pressure in my head
  • Apathy, fatigue
  • Deterioration of vision
  • ‘Full head’

Symptoms reported by other people:

  • headaches/migraines
  • slurred speech
  • arm numbness
  • strange noises/buzzing,ringing in ears…
  • inability to focus

This summarizes the symptoms which I think my pineal gland cyst was the one responsible for. How many of this symptoms were related to stress I don’t know. For me stress seemed important factor which strengthened the symptoms but was not the one causing them. In my book I wrote about 40 pages describing my events associated with symptoms, so here I will only try to summarize them for those who are looking for the first information. On this web site I can not cover everything that is written in my book.

Attacks of fear, insecurity and loss of balance

Two years ago when I went to lunch at work I felt some insecurity during the walk. I had a feeling like I was losing my balance, so I had to do a couple of short steps and slowly  I regained my balance. After those few unsecured steps everything went back to normal.

Year and a half before the operation I was driving in one of the tunnels near Trojane, when I felt some discomfort. I was alone in my car and sudden change of daylight in the tunnel was obvious. I had the feeling that my body is drifting away, not so much in term of losing consciousness but more like my body is not obeying the orders that my brain were sending to it. It’s really hard to describe it, but I had feeling like I was losing control over my body.

Half a year ago I had the attack of fear while I was driving on the highway. All of a sudden like I was hit by lightning I felt like I was losing control over my body and that I was going to fade away. Immediately I reduced speed by 30km/h and then slowly my consciousness returned to normal state. I drove with that slow pace for about 20 kilometers until I got home.

Couple of months ago before the surgery I had this kind of insecure feeling in elevator. It was some kind of vertigo. When the elevator started to go up I had the feeling that I was losing my balance. I quickly gripped the railing, I was accompanied by feelings of anxiety or fear. When I stepped out of the elevator everything turned back to normal and all the problems were gone.

Feeling of losing balance also came to me while I was sitting in a chair.

Last month before the surgery the thing with balance went so far, that just a short walk across the corridor to toilet sometimes meant a real achievement for me. And I had to lean on my arm when I urinated on the urinal.

Deterioration of vision

About a year or two prior to the surgery my eyesight began to deteriorate. I never had problems with my eyesight. I could see perfect every distant object and close-up objects. But suddenly I could not focus properly on close-up objects, I could not read the small letters on food products. Every month my eyesight deteriorated. I could still see perfect distant objects but objects on close-up were blurry. Right before the operation I could hardly read any messages on my smart phone. I had to fully stretch my arm to be able to see them. You know how seniors are stretching hands when they try to read something and I always have a feeling that they would need a bit longer arm. I was in the same situation and that was now happening to me, my arm was just too short and the letters too small.

Strange headaches, tingling and pressure in my head

I had a strange headaches that were not like regular headaches. It was more like a tingling sensation or pressure in my head. I felt this at different places in my head but never at the forefront of my head. But these feelings were not painful or unpleasant just unusual.

Apathy, fatigue

I had been incredibly tired all the time. When I got home from work I was so drained that I just wanted to lie in my bed for the rest of the day and that everybody would just leave me alone. I rarely smiled and even if I did it was mostly ‘staged’. My son was the only one in the world who could put me in a good mood and made me laugh. I had to sleep more than usual at least 9 hours a day, otherwise I was completely devastated. While my wife could slept for 6 hours and functioned normally. Walking up the stairs I was easily fatigued. One staircase was enough that I was out of my breath, and one year before that I completed a mountain bike marathon. 4th day after the surgery when I tried for the first time to walk up the stairs in the Medical Centre seemed much easier than before the surgery.

‚Full head’

My head was so full as if there was no room left for any new information or my thoughts. It was difficult for me to concentrate and kept focus. Too laud noises of forks and knives during lunch were really getting on my nerves. I could not tolerate too much noise. Many times I got the feeling that my head is about to explode. Like I had a barrier in the brain at which my thoughts bumped and that I didn’t have a normal flow of information in my brains.

Loss of consciousness

A week before my surgery during my VEP (Visual Evoked Potential) test my brain had enough. Head was full and my brain could not take it anymore.

ERROR. RESET. RESTART. SHUTDOWN. I lost consciouness. After I regained my consciousness the doctor measured my blood pressure which was 85/54 and heart rate 54 bpm.

8 comments on “Pineal gland cyst symptoms
  1. Kat says:

    I was just diagnosed with a pineal cyst – it’s 1.4cmx1.2 and I go see my neurologist on Thursday. I’m terrified. I have no idea what to expect. The cyst was found accidentally on the MRI while they were looking for MS. I am at a loss. I’m a single mom to an amazing little 2yr old and don’t know what I would do if I ever had to leave him should the worst happen. I’m so scared.

    • says:


      as far as I know and hear from many people having pineal cyst surgery, this is one of the most easiest head surgeries, if you can call head surgery easy…
      Nobody died from this surgery as far as I heard, so I would not worry about the worst scenario. But you have to know that sometimes recovery can take quite a long time.
      So be positive and if you will have the surgery, concentrate on having a good recovery…


  2. Teena says:

    My MRI showed “no abnormalities” but I have the same issues described here, to a T and for MANY years now (over 10). I need relief but cannot seem to find any, nothing works for my headaches and I feel that my doctor thinks that I am nuts, due to the MRI showing nothing wrong. What do I do to make someone understand? Would my MRI have shown a cysts if I had one?

    • says:

      I am not a doctor, but as far as I know, yes the MRI would show if you have cyst.

  3. Grace Cooper says:

    After suffering from a SEVERE migraine for 1 week….I began showing signs of a stroke! I had arm numbness and slurred speech also inability to focus! I was sent to the ER to be evaluated….I had a CT and MRI done which showed normal brain function (no signs of a stroke) BUT it did show that I have 3 Pineal Cysts!! I have had headaches/migraines for over 2 months now- I am physically ,emotionally and mentally exhausted. I have an appointment with a Neurologist at the end of August to discuss these migraines.
    I appreciate this website….

    • says:

      A few people in FB private group also reported arm numbness and slurred speech as one of their symptoms with pineal cyst and headaches/migraines are one of the most common symptoms… although I never had the symptoms you describe there are many people who share your symptoms…

  4. says:


    yes, it could also be “anxiety” or maybe both or cyst just gives some more oil on the “anxiety” fire. There is a private FB page with over 200 members from all over the world all with the pineal cyst experience. So for me that is the best source of first hand information about pineal cyst. If you want to know more about pineal cyst I strongly recommend that you join this FB page. But since it is a private page, you must find me on FB and give me friend request so that I can add you to the group.
    There is so much information in this group about PC that you won’t find it anywhere else.

    This WEB page is just my experience with which I hope to just put some light on pineal cyst, but it is only one experience.

  5. Michelle says:

    I was just told by my doctor on Monday that I have a pineal gland cyst. I’ve had all these same symptoms for the past 10 years. The doctors always summed it up to “anxiety” because of all the random symptoms (which is odd, as I can usually handle high stress situations very well, the symptoms always caused me anxiety) I go in two weeks to find out how big the cyst is so have been trying to gather my own information in the meantime. Thank you for your informative site!

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