Pineal gland cyst recovery

I had surgery on Monday 24/9/2012

»Is this narcosis?« I wondered. The last time I had narcosis it smelt pretty bad. Twice in my life I was operated under anesthesia. Once when I was very little and later when I had a broken collarbone. Both times I remembered that narcosis smell was pretty bad. »I guess it’s really just oxygen« I thought. »Just breathe normal« she said. I inhaled a few times and the flew away…

The surgery lasted about 3 hours. I woke up in a dark room with a broad smile on my face. I was lying in bed in a half-seated position. I was feeling excellent and my head was incredibly clear. »The operation was successful« the first thought that crossed my mind. I looked left and right, few beds were next to me and they were all facing in the same direction. Towards the wall with darkened windows. »Obviously this room was intended only for waking up from anesthesia.« After about two hours I was taken to the intensive care department. During my transport I heard a familiar voice, »this one is mine«. »Do you know me?« she said. It was my wife. I nodded and as my bed drove past her I raised my hand in the air and showed her the raised thumb, »everything is fine, do not worry.«

Uros Rozac, My life story at 33: Pineal gland cyst

3rd day after the surgery I was on my feet and walked for the first time to the end of the hallway and back. 4th day I went up the staircase for the first time after the surgery and 5th day on Friday I went home.

When I was in hospital I walked up and down the hallway with no problems. As long as I had handhold in the reach of my arms. The corridor was narrow so I had no problem of touching the wall or handhold if I had any difficulties with my balance. But the arrival in the huge lobby was a new experience.

I relied only on my wife’s support and together we slowly walked towards the exit of the Medical Center. The feeling of walking in such a huge lobby was a bit uncomfortable. I think that in that moment I began to realize that the sense of security and support that I have enjoyed every moment of my hospitalization was beginning to fade away. The lobby seemed so huge to me, we walked and walked, it seemed like it’s never going to end. Then we came to the stairs, where we had to walk along the left side of the lobby so I could held the fence. I walked slowly but without any balance disruptions, but I still felt uneasy. Then we walked through the exit.

I stepped outside and took a deep breathe of the fresh air, the lungs filled with it. There was no roof above my head and the sky opened up. It was amazing. Who would have thought that my senses were so strengthen. My perception of the surroundings which was taken for granted before the surgery was now something completely different. Almost as my brain was reborn. Everything in the surroundings was known to me but was somehow different. Noise of the cyclist passing by, the sound of the bus stopping at the station, singing of the birds…All that was well known to me, but now sounded different, more powerful, interesting, fascinating.

»Is it possible that one 1,2 cm large pineal gland cyst suppressed my perception of the environment?« »Or is it merely the result of the operation and the fact that skull was opened, which should otherwise my whole life remained closed and brain locked in its hermetic cage?« »I don’t know«, but the fact remains that my perception of the outside world and my feelings were different.

Uros Rozac, My life story at 33: Pineal gland cyst

Revitalized taste buds

The first dish that I’ve tried when I got home was carrot soup and garlic bread. I have never been a fan of soups and pot meals, except for the mushroom soup. I sometimes ate a carrot soup but I could not find any culinary perfection in it.

But after the first tablespoon of that carrot soup which my mom cooked the day before, my taste buds were having a party. I have never eaten such a good carrot soup in my life. I looked at the soup and saw full of parsley, grated carrots and a little bit of tomato pieces. Every time I put the soup in my mouth the taste buds had their party. Refreshing taste of parsley mixed with carrot. The soup was perfect, plain and simple.

I was amazed. Who would have thought. »Am I losing my mind?« from the 2nd day after my operation I wanted to eat pizza with seafood »and now this carrot soup was incredible. How could that be? This is not possible.« But obviously my body knew what it needed and this soup was perfect. The flavors were so full and alive, that I never would have detected before the surgery.

»How is this possible? Is it possible that my brain and taste buds were reset after the operation? Is it possible that the food which I liked before operation I would no longer have liked? And the dish like carrot soup will now represent peak cuisine to me?  I can hardly wait till my next meal…«

Uros Rozac, My life story at 33: Pineal gland cyst


It was 3:30 pm. I just finished my lunch which my wife prepared for me. It was just another masterpiece of her cooking. She made pasta with shrimps. She baked shrimps on olive oil and garlic. Then she added some white wine, tomatoes and parsley, a little salt and sugar. She cooked pasta separately and just before it was ‘al dente’ she took it out and then put it into pan with shrimp sauce. She also served me with 100% orange juice.  I thought »this is going to be rapid rehabilitation if my wife is going to cook like that…«

Uros Rozac, My life story at 33: Pineal gland cyst

My first walk around my neighborhood

When I was in hospital I had no problem with walking around 5th floor of neurology department. But when I got home it was not easy for me to walk from my bedroom to living room. I had to now and then touch the walls to keep my balance. First week when I was at home I was mainly in my bed, since they took out my stitches and my head hurt all the time. Painkillers were not really helping me, so for two weeks I was more or less lying in bed.

17th day after the operation I went for a walk with my wife around my neighborhood for the first time. Walking down the stairs from the 2nd floor was not a problem. Also when I came out of the building I was feeling pretty good and the first few steps were quite promising. Then after 100 meters of walking I got a little uncertain. It seemed to me that the fresh air made me a little dizzy. It got even worse when I looked up into the grey sky and stared at it for a second or two. That was a bad idea. I got the feeling like I was on a rocking boat. Then we walked another 100 meters and came back to our home. Walking up the stairs was no problem. But most of all I was surprised that despite 17 days of lying in the bed and on couch I was not short of breath. Before the surgery I was short of breath after every staircase that I climbed. »The progress is obvious« I thought. Still I imagined that the recovery would be faster. I was expecting to walk 200 meters without any problem. But the last 100 meters were not so self-evident. And without my wife supporting me I would not dare to walk so far on my own. »The recovery obviously takes some time« I said to myself. After all my skull had been opened.  But from that day on I saw a progress every day of my recovery.

Uros Rozac, My life story at 33: Pineal gland cyst

Summary of the first month of my recovery

First month I received the document from health commission which stated that I have approved sick leave till 6th of December. That meant 10 to 11 weeks of recovery time altogether. And this is for pineal gland cyst operation which shouldn’t have any negative effects on the brain, for other head surgery operations the time could be much longer.

Summary of the first month of my recovery from my book:

24.10. Wednesday. Today is exactly one month after my surgery and therefore I entered the second month of my recovery…

First two weeks I was mainly lying in bed and spent a lot of time just typing my story. My head ached most of the first month, the pain was concentrated mainly in my wound where the stitches were.  And few days ago my pain completely disappeared. After walking outside my head ache usually returned due to my increased effort.

I made a lot of progress in my walking. Yesterday I walked almost a mile without stopping and without any problems only pace was a little bit slower. After almost a mile I felt a slight pain in my head due to my walking activity.

I still take anti epilepsy pills 2 times a day, which I need to take for two more months. I stopped taking painkillers 3 weeks after the surgery. Most of the first month I could not slept on my back due to my wound so I slept on the side. But after one month I could slept on my back for a few hours.

Scabs on my wound have almost all disappeared. I started washing my hair normally 3 weeks after the operation. For first two weeks the doctor said I must not wash my hair and then to wash it only with water and I had to keep water away from the wound.

In first month I have written 85000 words. I also made my Slovenian web site

Vision is maybe a little better than before the operation. But still I have a problem reading up-close. My brain is definitely working better than before the operation and my thoughts are clearer. I have more concentration and more focus. I feel excellent compared to how I was feeling before the operation.

In first month of my recovery I laughed more times then in a previous year, I think that says it all.

Uros Rozac, My life story at 33: Pineal gland cyst

One comment on “Pineal gland cyst recovery
  1. Anonymous says:

    Hello my name is Katherine and I’m hopefully going to have a date to see a neurosurgeon soon and your story has helped me realize that it’ll be okay after. I’m not sure you still write on this but I’d like to keep in contact with you so you can give me advice.

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