Book – My life story at 33: Pineal gland cyst

My book – My life story at 33: Pineal gland cyst and web site are about my experience related to pineal gland cyst.

From symptoms, operation and recovery intertwined with my thoughts after the liberation of my brain after the surgery and my new perception of the world. With many aroused memories from my past, especially from growing up which came back to me after the operation.

I hope that my book and web site will help people who are looking for information about pineal gland cyst and head surgery. I hope that I will put some light on the events related with pineal gland cyst and maybe help people understand what path lies in front of them. Perhaps help to understand their relatives or acquaintances what their son, wife, relative…. is going through after head surgery.

Head surgery and drilling a hole in someone’s skull is not something which should be taken lightly. To break into the world which should be forever closed, leaves some mark on you.

I never had any intention to write a book I just wanted to write a short blog about my experience with the pineal gland cyst. But after the surgery my brain was in the ‘zone’  and black letters were pouring on white screen with lightning speed.

I started thinking about the blog after my diagnosis, when I started searching for information about pineal gland cyst and head surgery. But I was very disappointed with the information I found on the internet. From Slovenian forums to American and English forums I found a lot of different opinions by neurologists and neurosurgeons. Given that the cysts were symptomatic and asymptomatic many patients were treated only with all kind of drugs from antidepressives to antiepileptics. The more I read forums the more I got the felling that many doctors just wanted to get rid of the patients with control MRI checks every half year or so. Few doctors recognized symptoms and related them to pineal gland cyst and not many neurosurgeons dared to operate pineal gland cyst. They delayed the operation unless it had been really necessary to perform the operation. But what was for them really necessary was a variable of a wide specter.

I was extremely fortunate with my neurologist and neurosurgeon (more on the surgery page) since my surgery was performed by one of the best neurosurgeons in the world. “The father of cavernous sinus surgery” Dr. Vinko V. Dolenc.

During my quest for information on the internet I also found very few information about recovery after head surgery (how long does it take to recover, what are the consequences…). And then I said to myself:

“ When all of this is behind me I will at least write a blog about my experience”

and with this at least try to help people who are on the same path of searching for information about the pineal gland cyst and head surgery. I didn’t know what to expect. Was the operations demanding, how long did it take to recover and what were the consequences? That were all questions which I didn’t know the answer.

5th day after the surgery when I was released form the hospital and came home I immediately started writing about my experience. And in two weeks I wrote 300 pages (in Slovene of course, which is my native language) that was the essence of the book.

Since I had been lying in bed pretty much all the time for the first few weeks, that was the best thing to do. My brain was reborn and I could hardly follow my thoughts. Letter by letter my thoughts and my emotions were spontaneously pouring out of my head into the document. A lot of time I typed with my eyes closed because my head was aching if I watched too long at screen. My brain had so much to say, so much thoughts were moving around my head…

Web site is just a brief summary of the book. First I created the Slovenian web site in a week, one month after the surgery. And the next week I created the English version. All pages and blogs on this web site are actually taken from my book.


At this point I would like to thank the two people who were crucial to the outcome of my story. Many thanks to the neurologist Dr. Miro Kušej with whom I first met and neurosurgeon Dr. Vinko V. Dolenc who operated on me. I have a great respect for both of them and both are exceptional men and experts in their fields of expertise. If it was not for them this story could have ended differently and my book never would have existed and so thus this web site.

Finally I also have to thank the whole team on the fifth floor of Neurology Department at UKC Ljubljana, from doctors to nurses. Everyone was extremely kind, professional and helpful. They made a significant contribution to my recovery process.

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